Stripper jobs in Greece

With Stripper jobs in Greece , its normally harder to make the same amount of money as in other parts of Europe. Dances are a lot cheaper here in line with the cost of living, being a lot lower than other places in Europe.

Stripper jobs in Greece and the islands attract a larger variation of dancers.

It doesn’t convert to great money for dancer’s coming from countries further North and West in Europe. Stripper jobs in Greece and the islands do attract a larger variation of dancers, seeking some sun and the lifestyle. Prostitution is not legal in Greece and like other Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy. It does go on in a number of the clubs.

Exotic Dancer jobs in Greece can include touching from customers.

Touching is often allowed and the privates shows go a lot further than countries with tight regulations. For example, the UK and Norway. As with other countries with more relaxed laws, care must be taken by both dancers and patrons to ensure they end up in the right venue for them. In the major cities, dancer’s need to have a knowledge of Greek as a high proportion of clientele are locals. The islands have a lot more of an international crowd, so English is sufficient. Working as a stripper in Greece in the summer months. Is often seen as a way of having a holiday at the same time as you are working.

Who can get exotic dance jobs in Greece.

The EU has a real emphasis on combatting human and sex trafficking. Therefore, clubs have to work under certain guidelines. It is extremely difficult to find work if you do not have the correct paperwork. Strip clubs in Greece are under legal obligation to fully check the age and identity of the girls they hire. If they do not, they risk facing harsh penalties.

Most strip club jobs in Greece offer contracts under the premise that the dancers are self-employed.

Therefore, responsible for their own taxation, similar to other continents such as North America and Australasia. There are many countries in Europe that differ, however, in the aspect that they require dancers to work as employees. The clubs automatically deduct taxation. Furthermore, dancers are eligible for employee and tax payer benefits such as healthcare. Even if they are non-resident. This is especially the case in the Scandinavian countries, where the taxation system is more stringent. 

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