Sasha Grey Takes To Game Streaming On Twitch

Sasha Grey is all set to win the hearts of the audience on Twitch. She is not only streaming games but also chatting with her audience. She recently started streaming The Witcher 3 for the audience and is also seen opening fan mails. One must be amused by the way her fans shower her with gifts, from cameras to streaming mics.

Sasha Grey is gaining popularity with her all-inclusive character. However, she has strictly restricted her chat to English only and has strict moderators who curate her chat from time to time.

Sasha Grey will entertain her fans via Twitch by playing a variety of games on the computer and console.

Sasha Grey, 31 started her career from the adult industry when she was just 18 years old. But she left the adult film industry after facing societal perceptions on female sexuality. In 2008, she landed a leading role in Steven Soderbergh’s, film The Girlfriend Experience. Later she also featured in HBO’s Entourage.

Her book NEÜ SEX a book of photographs was published and she is an international DJ. She has written two novels The Juliette Society and The Juliette Society III: The Mismade Girl which was published in 25 countries. After quitting the adult industry she works as an artist, author, actress, and DJ.


During the live stream, Sasha Grey is seen wearing all covered attire as compared to other female Twitch streamers and her counterparts. She recently did a charity stream for Puerto Rico to provide relief to earthquake victims. She streams at least three times a week and plays a variety of games.

However, her fans from Russia often feel discriminated against by only the English chat system. During the stream, she often refrains from answering questions related to the adult industry. Sasha Grey wants to keep her past behind and move forward with a new exploration journey.

Similarly, other adult industry experts Alana Evans, Mia Khalifa, Rahyndee James, Missy Martinez, Eva Lovia and Riley Reid have also taken to streaming games on Twitch and other live streaming websites and applications.

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