Being a Sugar Daddy – The Advantages and Pitfalls of being one

A sugar daddy is a rich older man who offers professional and financial support to young female protégé in exchange of companionship and usually sexual favors. Even though being rich and successful attracts a number of young women eager for a relationship of mutual convenience, being sugar daddy requires one to maintain a fine balance between expectations and obligations. Here are a few pros and cons that come with taking on the role of a sugar daddy.

Advantages of being a sugar daddy

No-strings relationship. The best part of being a sugar daddy is that you are not expected to fulfill the obligations of a long-term relationship. Sugar babies know from the start this is relationship is based on mutual convenience – she gets the goodies as long as she makes her sugar daddy happy. He does not to have to shoulder the responsibilities that come with a committed relationship and this makes the relationship an attractive proposition for many older, richer men most of whom may have been long-married and may even have grown-up children.

Less time-consuming. Sugar daddies are usually men who have achieved a significant measure of success in their field of work. This means that men who run companies or look after business empires do not have the leisure to nurture and care for a relationship that younger men might do. As a result being a sugar daddy suits these busy men since it is a relationship where the partners already understand the give and take and no time need be spent on beating about the bush.

It looks good. A sugar daddy can flaunt their attractive companions openly and publicly. Moreover it feels good to be seen with a young, gorgeous woman who idolizes you and also know that other men envy your good fortune.

It is an ego-booster

Men who take on sugar babies are usually at an age when they need to be reassured that their masculinity and virile charm has not diminished. Having young and good-looking female companions is a good way to regain fast-eroding confidence in one’s sexual ability. As an alpha male, you can prove to the world that you still have what it takes to attract young women. The boost to one’s self-esteem is one of the biggest perks of being a sugar daddy.

It is a good trade-off

Women dating younger men generally find that their partners have the looks but don’t have the resources to have a good time. Very often the young men also turn out to be cocky, brash and over-confident of their sexual attractiveness.  As such older, richer men who treat their younger female companions well, both financially and personally emerge as a better bet. Women find that the older men may not have the looks but have the money and what’s more they are sometimes more gentlemanly than their younger counterparts.

Appealing though it may seem, the role of a sugar daddy is not without its pitfalls.

The biggest disadvantage of being a sugar daddy is the expense. Young women are not going to desire an older man’s company unless he has really deep pockets. A rich male patron is not only expected to wine and dine his companion at the most expensive of places but is also expected to indulge her frequently. This may be in the manner of clothes, jewelry or vacations. Finally if a young woman has her priorities fixed, she may also expect her sugar daddy to sponsor her education or provide her with better work opportunities.

Lack of real love

It is very unlikely that a young woman of twenty will truly fall in love with a sixty-year old man, no matter how considerate and indulgent he is towards her. This is not to say that such instances do not happen but that a genuine love relationship becomes increasingly unlikely as the age difference between the two partners widens. A sugar daddy might be respected, pampered and even cared for by his young companion, but it is unlikely that she will be in love with him for keeps.

Not a relationship of equals

Sugar daddy dating is a good bargain for women who are young and attractive and expect to be indulged in a relationship. However her rich and successful partner is more likely to have the upper hand in the equation. He’s very wealthy, is respected in society and likely to be married too – in other words he has all the counters of a successful life. As such a woman may find that her sugar daddy setting most of the terms in the relationship. Moreover such men are usually in short supply and she may have to keep competition from other women at bay. In the end all these make for an unequal relationship where the lack of balance may topple it at any time.

Social consequences

Even though contemporary society is far more open to rich, older men having young and attractive female companions, such relationships may not be approved in certain sections of social life. If a person intends to run for a political office or aspires to leadership roles in society, having a current or even a past sugar baby may harm his chances. Moreover, pressure may be plied on the man to get rid of his sugar baby if his wife belongs to an influential family or if his children are in important social positions.

In a predominantly materialist and patriarchal society, a sugar daddy is usually a much sought after role. However, like any other relationship, the one between a rich, older male patron and his younger, attractive female protégé comes with its own perks and pitfalls. So it is wiser not to don this role unless a person is fully aware of what he is getting into.

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